Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chilling in Seoul

So I can finally say that I have been out of the country! Although, since the only thing I have seen so far is the Seoul airport, it doesn't really seem that different besides the fact that the announcements and signs are in Korean, and most of the people are Asian (Who'd of thunk!). Seriously though, it feels cool just being here.

There were actually quite a few American's on my flight over here. More than I thought there would be at least. There was one family going to the Olympics which was pretty cool. They had shirts that said 'USA Rowing.' So obviously we had a lot in common.

The airline was excellent. We flew north over Canada and Alaska to get here, which I wasn't expecting. It was a great flight though. They had a choice of Korean or western style for dinner, and I got the western (although only because they ran out of the Korean. Seriously). It was smoked salmon and tomatoes for appetizer, a greek salad, beef tenderloin for entree, and chocolate coffee cake for dessert. Delish. I chased dinner with an Ambien and then peaced out for a couple hours. That made the flight way more tolerable.

I think this it it for my first post. It's boring, I know, but I am going on very little sleep and I don't have much to write about yet! Next time I will have some hawt pictures to share!

Yours from Seoul,